Celebrate Lucy Hale’s Birthday With Her Best Photos On The Internet [SLIDESHOW]

Jena Greene | Reporter

Thursday, June 14, is American actress and singer Lucy Hale’s birthday.

The social media superstar turns 29 today, but for being so young she’s certainly packed in a massive career.

Hale launched to superstardom when she began acting in Freeform’s hit teen drama “Pretty Little Liars,” as Aria Montgomery. She subsequently won a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV Actress in 2014.

But despite all of her early fame and success, it took Lucy Hale a while to come around to accepting herself. She revealed that she struggled with anorexia last year, claiming she would go days without eating. When she did eat, she would have fruit then go to the gym for three hours to work it off.

These days, however, Lucy Hale has come around to accepting herself. She’s a brand ambassador for the cosmetics company Mark Beauty.

“I don’t think young girls are told enough that what makes you different, makes you cool,” she told Teen Vogue in 2015. “I didn’t feel like that when I was younger. I had big eyebrows and braces. That is unconventionally beautiful. I wish girls could embrace their quirks more. I’ve always thought that the stranger looking people are the most beautiful. And, obviously, the most confident, as well. I think it’d be boring if we all looked the same.”

Lucy Hale has plenty of reason to be confident in herself. Check out some of her most gorgeous photos below.


Jena Greene



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