ESPN Pundit Shares Heartbreaking Story About The Death Of His Child

David Hookstead | Reporter

ESPN pundit Tony Reali shared a heartbreaking story over the weekend about the recent death of his child.

Reali and his wife recently gave birth to twins, but one of them died in the “moments” leading up to the birth. He put out a string of tweets about the one who passed away, Amadeo, for Father’s Day. It’s one of the most heartbreaking things you’ll read on the internet.

I can’t imagine what losing a child must be like and the strain it must have on a couple. I also can’t imagine what it’s like for Reali to discuss the loss of his child in front of the whole world.

As I’ve often said before, we sometimes forget that athletes and the celebrities we see on TV are real people. They have ups and downs in their lives. They’re not perfect, they struggle at times and they experience hard times. (RELATED: T.J. OSHIE TALKING ABOUT HIS DAD AFTER WINNING THE STANLEY CUP WILL PUT TEARS IN YOUR EYES)

There probably isn’t anything worse than losing a child. That’s the type of thing that could break a man. At the same time, maybe Reali openly talking about the loss of Amadeo will help others out there in need of assistance.

It took a lot of courage to post those tweets for everybody to read and dissect. Most people don’t want their lives under a microscope, especially when they involve a tragedy. Hopefully, Reali and his wife are able to find some comfort in this dark and testing time.

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