Reality Star And Porn Actress Discusses Arrest With Stunning Comments

Jena Greene | Reporter

Reality star and adult films actress Farrah Abraham is opening up about her arrest, and some of her comments might shock you.

The “Teen Mom” star brushed off the recent arrest while walking the red carpet at the MTV Movie And TV Awards this weekend, telling reporters that she was “bullied” instead. (RELATED:Reality Star And Porn Actress Arrested. The Details Will Twist Your Stomach)

“I wasn’t arrested. I was taken to containment and people lied and said I touched or battered somebody and I was trespassing, which all I’m not guilty of and never did,” she told a reporter for TooFab. “So, everybody else out there, a public form of bullying somebody who is well-known, I don’t tolerate that, and I’m much stronger than that.”

Last week, Abraham was arrested for striking a male security guard at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She had been staying at the famous hotel with her nine-year-old daughter and was allegedly intoxicated when the incident took place. Later, Farrah claimed she’d been targeted due to her celebrity and was “targeted” unfairly. (RELATED: Realty Star And Porn Actress Speaks Out After Bizarre Arrest)

Who knows whether this was actually the case, but it looks like Farrah Abraham is going to ride this scandal for as long as she can.

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