NBA Star Sterling Brown Is Suing The City Of Milwaukee

Jena Greene | Reporter

Milwaukee Bucks shooting guard Sterling Brown is moving forward with his lawsuit against the city of Milwaukee and its police department.

The NBA star was wrongfully tased and arrested on Jan. 26 after police stopped him for a parking violation which turned into a physical altercation. The entire encounter was captured on body cameras and can be seen below. Things start to get carried away at around the 8 minute mark. (RELATED: NBA Player Gets Tackled And Tased By Cops [VIDEO])

So now Sterling Brown is going to try to clear his name by suing the city of Milwaukee, its police force and eight officers that Brown alleges carried out his arrest in January. The suit claims Brown feared for his life during the incident and supplies photographs of visible injuries he sustained from the altercation that night.

The suit, obtained by TMZ, alleges, “shortly after Defendants threw Mr. Brown to the ground, [one of the officers] used his right foot to stomp on Mr. Brown’s leg. Then after the Taser was shot into Mr. Brown’s back, [the officer] proceeded to stomp on Mr. Brown’s leg with both feet.”

Milwaukee police did apologize for the wrongful actions, claiming “members acted inappropriately” during the arrest.

Sterling Brown released his own statement, accusing the officers of abusing power and connecting it back to “the common denominator” of racism.

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