Here’s A Clue To A Potential Major ‘Westworld’ Plot Reveal

David Hookstead | Reporter

We may have a major clue about a “Westworld” plot point that hasn’t been revealed yet.

In the last episode, we saw that the Man in Black was referred to as “Subject Number 002” when his data card played through his time in the park. It didn’t take people long at all to question why he wasn’t 001.

After a little bit of discussion, I think I have an idea, and it’s a surprising one. I believe that Logan might be the first subject. There are two reasons that make me believe this. (RELATED: WATCH THE GREATEST ‘WESTWORLD’ MOMENT WE’VE HAD SO FAR [VIDEO])

First, Logan is all over the trailer for the season finale. So we know Ben Barnes will be appearing again as the nefarious character.

Second — and this is the big one — Logan spent time in the park before William ever did. He’s the person who introduced the Man in Black to Westworld and sent him on the dark path we’ve all been watching.

We also know that there has likely been another host made somewhere that’s a copy of a previously introduced character. Lots of people have speculated this host copy’s identity. The MiB, Ford, Bernard and plenty other names have been thrown around, but not Logan’s name. (RELATED: 

That’s why it makes perfect sense. Nobody suspected him, but it could easily be him. Is that all part of Ford’s diabolical plan? William left Logan to rot in the part. Now, will Logan come back decades later to get revenge? It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.

I’ll go ballistic if this turns out to be true. It’ll just be another example of us being ahead of the curve on “Westworld.”

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