Celebrate Lana Del Rey’s Birthday With Some Of Her Most Interesting Photos [SLIDESHOW]

Jena Greene | Reporter

Today, June 21 is Lana Del Rey’s birthday.

The singer and songwriter turns 33 years old, and she’s managed to pack in a massive career. The “Young And Beautiful” reportedly has a net worth of $12 million and has produced songs for massive blockbusters, including Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby.”

Few people know this, but Lana Del Rey’s real name is actually Elizabeth Grant. She was raised in New York and attended boarding school in Connecticut. She studied metaphysics at Fordham University, but cut her education short when she signed a record deal with an independent label known as 5 Points.

Many people criticize Lana Del Rey for being inauthentic about her persona. They say she used her family’s money, planned her “transformation” as a sort of rags-to-riches artist, and got plastic surgery to enhance her looks.

But Del Rey defends herself vehemently against all such criticism.

“I haven’t had anything done at all… I’m quite pouty. That’s just how I look when I sing,” she said in response to critics who accused of her of getting lip injections.

Lana Del Rey might have critics, but she also has plenty of fans. And for good reason. She’s a talented artists and she’s not afraid to be herself. Check out some of her most fascinating photos below.


Jena Greene



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