Popular Rappers Got Married In A Very Nontraditional Way

Jena Greene | Reporter

Migos group member and rapper Offset married popular female rapper Cardi B last year, and the details are pretty wild.

Nobody had any idea Offset and Cardi B were already married. It was known that the two were engaged, and we thought we’d witnessed the official proposal in front of a crowd of thousands. But now, we’re finding out that Offset was just going through the motions to give her the ring he’d promised.

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Now we’re finding out that this whole proposal was pretty fake since the couple had already been married for a month before the whole charade took place.

Apparently, Offset woke up one morning in September and simply said, “Marry me” to Cardi. So, they hired an officiant to come and marry them in their bedroom that same day with Cardi’s cousin as a witness.

It’s worth noting that Cardi B was pregnant with Offset’s child at the time, but neither of the rappers knew about it.

Offset doesn’t wear a wedding ring, but sources close to the rapper claim he plans to start wearing one once they have an official ceremony after Cardi gives birth.

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