Iran Fans Won’t Let Ronaldo Sleep

Robert McGreevy | Contributor

Portugal is set to face off against Iran at 2:00 p.m. today, and Portugal’s star player may be wishing he caught a couple more hours of shuteye.

Fans in Iran partied into the night outside of the Portugal team’s hotel, prompting Cristiano Ronaldo to come to the window and ask them to keep it down.

Watching Ronaldo use the international symbol for “holy shit just let me sleep” three times is surprisingly hilarious.

The poor guy is probably just trying to snuggle up to his incredibly attractive wife and pull his blanket of money up over his head to drown out the cheers of Iranian soccer fans, and they just refuse to let him have his peace.

Blowing vuvuzelas and kazoos deep into the night is the highest form of disrespect, but I personally love the move by Iran. They need this win to advance, and Portugal is a tough team to beat. How’s that old saying go? “if you can’t beat ’em… blow vuvuzelas outside their windows till 3:00 a.m.”

Robert McGreevy



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