Football Fans Need To Relax About Johnny Manziel’s Playing Time In Canada

David Hookstead | Reporter

Johnny Manziel hasn’t played a snap through the Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ first two games of the season, and people just need to chill out.

Lots of people in America assumed he’d go north of the border to dominate from day one. I said that was likely not going to happen. It’s a totally different game up there, and he’s sat on the bench during every play for the first two games. The Texas A&M Heisman winner doesn’t appear to be too upset. (SLIDESHOW: These Are The Hottest Photos Of Johnny Manziel‘s Wife)

Manziel said the following Friday after not playing in the Ti-Cats second game.

I’m eager to play, I’m chomping at the bit, for sure. I feel like whenever I’m needed — whenever I need to be in there — I’ll be ready to go. That’s my plan … I’m working every day to get back in the building and just continue to try and put myself in a position to play. It’s always frustrating, but I have a job and an obligation to each and every person on this team to be the two and be the role that I’m asked to be in.

Lots of football guys I’ve talked to in the past couple weeks seem a bit annoyed at his lack of playing time, and there has been plenty of talk about if he should be playing.

People, please relax. It’s two games into a long 18-game season. Manziel was never going to come in and score eight touchdowns in his first game. The rules are different up there, there’s an extra guy on the field and it’s a new system. I don’t know when he’ll take over, but it’s a process. Nothing is going to happen immediately. (SLIDESHOW: These Sexy Women Love Football)

It’s amazing how many people think they’re football experts, but don’t seem to grasp the concept of a quarterback learning a new system. Look, Manziel will either unseat Jeremiah Masoli or he won’t. The only way we’re going to find out is by watching and waiting.

Let Manziel work his way back into football at a pace that works. Head coach June Jones is a genius when it comes to quarterbacks, and is Johnny Football’s best shot at getting back to the league. Just because it doesn’t happen overnight doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. Give it time.

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