I’ve Been Accused Of Loving Football Too Much. Let’s Look At The Evidence

David Hookstead | Reporter

People have been trying to smear my good name by claiming that I get too excited for football.

Yesterday, I was informed that apparently I’m too emotionally invested in the game, have meltdowns when the Badgers lose and spend way to much time worrying about the sport.

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Excuse me for cracking a few beers as I watch the Badgers work the ball on offense as the line blows open holes in the defense. I thought this was America. (RELATED: SEC FANS DON’T LIKE TO USE FACTS WHEN DISCUSSING COLLEGE FOOTBALL)

Look, I’m not going to stand for this ridiculous criticism of my passion for the game. You know where football wasn’t popular? The Soviet Union. Want to know another fact about the USSR? They lost the Cold War. I’m not saying a lack of passion for football cost them the Cold War, but I’m also not ruling it out.

I start every football Saturday pretty much exactly the same way. I wake up, hit the showers, grab a few beers, get the food fired up, grab a seat and prepare for the game. Is that not what everybody else does? I figured everybody celebrated a day of Badgers football the same way.

I was also told that I get a bit too “fired up” during the game. If I don’t yell at the TV about a blown coverage in the secondary, then who will? Who will let the coach know? This is a team game, and my job is to drink beers and do whatever I can to win. That’s called being a locker room guy. I wouldn’t expect the selfish people out there to understand.

There’s zero chance that I’m going to apologize for my love of the sport or my passion for drinking beers during game time. We didn’t send people to the moon and back so that I could be told to curb my enthusiasm.

Kindly show anybody who hates football the door and lock it when they leave. Walk straight to your fridge, grab a beer and turn the game on after they’ve bounced clean out of your life.

There’s no such thing as being too passionate about football. There’s only not being passionate enough, which apparently is a real problem for some people.

I will watch football in stadiums, I will watch football in bars, I will watch football at my house, I will drink as much beer as I want, I will eat whatever food I desire during games and anybody who doesn’t like it can go live in Russia. This is America, and in this country, we watch football.

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