There’s Now A Way To Use Your Phone In The Shower. We Officially Deserve To Get Nuked

David Hookstead | Reporter

There is apparently a product to let people safely use their phones in the shower, and it’s just another example of how addicted we are all to technology.

I was scrolling through Facebook late last night when I came across a video from Bored Panda showing a new kind of curtain that puts your phone into a slot. Yes, it’s just as dumb as it sounds.

It’s stuff like this that makes me wish the Russians would just smash the fire button on all the nukes they have. As a society and as a species, we do not deserve to live if we can’t be separated from our damn phones long enough to take a shower. Send the nukes, Putin! Send them right now.

There are two acceptable activities for when you’re in the shower: You can clean yourself, and you can drink. Before all you hardos jump down my throat about having sex in the shower, let me remind you that scientists would very much discourage it. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but you might want to find some useful literature before shooting your e-mails my way.

Would you like to know what science has never argued against in the shower? Drinking beer. That’s something I think we can all agree is a much better idea than being on your phone. (RELATED: ANY SCIENCE THAT SUPPORTS THE DRINKING OF SHOWER BEERS IS GREAT SCIENCE)

Why would you even want to be on the phone in the shower? Why at all? Watching Netflix on your phone in the shower honestly sounds awful. Now, it would be a bit different if you had a massive shower and had a TV you could see outside of the shower. I could get down with that.

My phone is a much different story. You need help if you can’t step away from your phone long enough to rinse off and clean yourself.

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