A Shocking Number Of People Don’t Like Drinking Beer

David Hookstead | Reporter

The results of a recent Twitter poll about beer and the Fourth of July broke my heart and faith in people.

I tweeted yesterday, “Will you be drinking some beer today to celebrate the Fourth of July?” I expected the poll to overwhelming show most people would be drinking some beer to celebrate the big day. Well, as of this moment, there are over 1,000 votes, and 53 percent of people said they wouldn’t drink a beer.

I have never been more disappointed in anything in my life. What the hell is going on with people? Did everybody wake up yesterday, and just decide they don’t like cold beer? This is a doomsday scenario for a guy like me. (RELATED: HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! HERE ARE THE FIVE GREATEST THINGS ABOUT AMERICA [VIDEO])

Beer is a foundation block for this great country. We invented Miller Lite and Bud Light. Did anybody else do that? No, America did that. We pulled off the amazing accomplishment of creating tasty beer. We also walked on the moon, beat the Nazis and won this little thing known as the Revolutionary War. You ever heard of it?

I was under the impression everybody was drinking some beer yesterday. Hell, I started bright an early, hit up the party of the day and didn’t slow down until it was time to head to bed.

That’s what I thought America was all about. I guess I was wrong. I guess most people that took my Twitter poll don’t love beer. What a sad and disappointing result. We need to do better. We need to do much better.

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David Hookstead



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