Former NFL Player Arrested On Huge List Of Charges

William Boyd | Contributor

Former Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots safety Brandon Browner was arrested Sunday just south of Los Angeles on charges of kidnapping, burglary, false imprisonment, grand theft auto and violation of restraining order.

Browner allegedly broke into the house of an ex on Sunday morning, physically forcing the woman back inside the house and threatening to kill her. He fled the house, but was eventually caught by the police at 3:30 p.m. and arrested. He also allegedly stole a $20,000 Rolex watch. Bail is now set at $10 million.

This is Browner’s fourth arrest in the past 14 months. He was arrested on drug-related charges in May 2017, and released a few hours later after the arrest. He was convicted of domestic battery and child endangerment in late June. With that domestic battery case, he pled not guilty and was sentenced to probation. But, he went on to break his probation and was sentenced to 60 days in jail, but was released after two days due to overcrowding. He was also wanted for a domestic violence case back in November 2017, but that case was dismissed. (RELATED: Super Bowl Champion Convicted Of Domestic Violence. Here’s What The Judge Gave Him)

Browner was a Pro Bowl safety with the Seattle Seahawks, and won the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots in 2014. Browner was on the New Orleans Saints in 2015 trying to revamp their secondary, but was eventually released by the team. This was his last stop in the NFL. He was most known for being in the secondary of the “Legion of Boom,” along with players like Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman.

After the second or third arrest, you would think Browner would learn his lesson. With no court date in sight, Browner could be spending a lengthy period of time in jail. It is sad to see someone who had everything throw it all away through bad behavior. Browner was extremely talented, and his release from the Seahawks was the supposed end of the “Legion of Boom.” Now, Browner will most likely be going to jail for a long period of time, as the charges are very severe.

William Boyd



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