Jay Cutler Apparently Learned About Sex From A GQ Magazine [VIDEO]

David Hookstead | Reporter

Jay Cutler’s appearance on a TV show with his wife was everything we hoped it would be in the premiere of “Very Cavallari” Sunday night.

Everyone I know who has followed Cutler’s NFL career was pumped to see if he’d be a content machine on TV with Kristin Cavallari. Well, anybody who was nervous that he’d bomb relax now because this show is hilarious. (RELATED: JAY CUTLER LOOKS LIKE HE’S A BETTER REALITY TV STAR THAN AN NFL QUARTERBACK)

I didn’t catch the premiere last night, but I saw a clip Busted Coverage tweet out. What could it be of? Oh, nothing major. It’s just his wife talking about how the former Chicago Bears quarterback improved his sex game thanks to an article in GQ.

Never in a million years would I have expected to actually being interested in a show about Jay Cutler’s wife. Yet, here we are. I’m all in. (RELATED: JAY CUTLER COMING OUT OF RETIREMENT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE NFL NEEDS)

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I need Jay Cutler updates in my life like I need a juicy steak and a cold beer. “Very Cavallari” might honestly be more entertaining than anything he ever did on a football field. Sure, he was pretty funny there, too, but this is just on a different level.

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We need some new insight into Cutler’s extremely private life every single week. That’s bound to hook in the viewers.

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