Life Is Turning Into A Struggle Without ‘Westworld.’ What Can Be Done? [VIDEO]

David Hookstead | Reporter

The second season of “Westworld” ended more than two weeks ago, and life has already turned into complete chaos.

I waited over 18 months between the first and second seconds of the hit HBO show. It was a long and treacherous time in my life. I found myself falling down dark holes of Reddit theories and hour long conversations with friends about the show. We all were in search of a “Westworld” fix, but there wasn’t one to be found anywhere. (RELATED: WATCH THE GREATEST ‘WESTWORLD’ MOMENT OF THE SECOND SEASON [VIDEO])

Now, I find myself in the same situation. What am I to do? How should I spend my time? Should I take up yoga, go fishing or try to get some more cardio? (RELATED: THE ‘WESTWORLD’ SEASON TWO FINALE WAS AN EPIC BLOODBATH)

Let’s just admit from the start there are no great options on the table. The only thing that will give us our fix is when “Westworld” actually returns for season three. If we know anything based off of history, viewers won’t be getting new episodes for a very long time.

I guess it’s just too much to ask for us to see the Man in Black killing people sooner than a year or more from now.

How long do I have to wait before I get to see another super dark monologue from the MiB? Any amount of time is way too long.

Life just isn’t the same without knowing every Sunday night will have a new and outstanding episode on HBO.

There are times that will try all of us in this life. There are dark days, moments when the odds seem insurmountable and when we just want to throw up our hands in despair. Am I at one of those crossroads right now? Has my withdrawal from “Westworld” led me to this moment in time?

These are the questions I must ponder. This is the situation I’ve been left with. There’s only one option I see that I can live with. I must dive even deeper into “Westworld.” How many times can I re-watch the series until the third season gets here? How many more clues can I uncover? We’re about to find out.

These are dark and trying times. The situation requires us to do whatever is necessary to get our fix in order to make it to season three. Pray for all the fans everywhere. I’m not sure how long we can last without new episodes. We might end up questioning our reality before it’s all said and done.

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