Arizona Cardinals Tweet About Kavanaugh’s Nomination. Was It A Smart Idea?

David Hookstead | Reporter

The Arizona Cardinals tweeted an endorsement of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court Monday night, and it might not have been the smartest idea.

Kavanaugh went to high school at Georgetown Prep with Cardinals president Michael Bidwell, which probably explains why the team tweeted out an article about his support for the newest Supreme Court nominee.

I don’t care what Bidwell thinks of Kavanaugh in his private life or what comments he’d make when asked about it. But using an NFL team’s verified social media account to tweet out articles supporting Kavanaugh for the highest court in the land is taking it a step further.

Colin Kaepernick and others have been rightfully so lampooned for bringing politics into football. Now, I’m not comparing tweeting out an article about Kavanaugh’s bid for the Supreme Court to kneeling for the national anthem. They’re not the same, but they are both political. (RELATED: Colin Kaepernick’s Hopes Of Returning To The NFL Take Another Bad Hit)

Should an NFL team really engaged in political activity while we also trash Kaepernick? It seems like a dangerous double standard for people to engage in. Again, I don’t care what Bidwell or any other NFL owner thinks about politics. They’re free to say whatever they want about candidates or nominees.

However, owners and organizations really lose some credibility when they go after athletes for being political and then turn around to use a team’s social media to get political. That’s a double standard most fans probably don’t want to see.

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