NBA Rookie Reportedly Has Nearly No Money. Here’s How Much Is In His Account

David Hookstead | Reporter

Milwaukee Bucks rookie Donte DiVincenzo reportedly doesn’t even have enough money right now to buy a Big Mac from McDonald’s.

ESPN tweeted out the viral screenshot of the former Villanova star’s bank account, and it’s sitting at a smooth $3.71. The cost of a Big Mac is just under four dollars.

He’s currently slated to make around $4.7 million in the next two years. (RELATED: HIGHLY-TOUTED NBA ROOKIE PUTS UP ATROCIOUS STAT LINE IN SUMMER LEAGUE DEBUT)

How is this even possible? I know guys who were making pretty much pennies playing ball in Europe, and they still always had a little money. Does his agent not have the courtesy to float him some money before he gets his first NBA paycheck?

I mean, if I were representing a first round pick, I’d float him $25,000 without a question. I wouldn’t even hesitate. Now, maybe I just have a bigger heart than most guys out there. Who knows? The point is, I am blown away a guy who is playing in the NBA can’t even apparently afford to hit up a McDonald’s. It’s just sad.

Luckily, he’s about to be a paid man. He’ll be able to buy all the cheeseburgers he wants before he knows it.

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