‘True Detective’ Is One Of The Most Underrated Shows Ever Made For A Very Simple Reason

David Hookstead | Reporter

I recently binge-watched the entire first season of “True Detective,” and it reminded me of what makes the show so great.

On Saturday, I made the decision to sit down, have a few beers and absolutely cruise through Season One of the HBO hit show. I’ve always been a big fan of the show. There’s no question about that at all, but I found an observation on the forefront of my mind during my binge of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson tearing it up.

What made “True Detective” so great wasn’t any of the suspense, chaos or plot twists and turns. Yes, all those elements were outstanding. Please don’t confuse what I’m saying. I’m not claiming “True Detective” is lacking anything in those departments, but exciting angles aren’t what makes the show one of the greatest ever. (RELATED: RACHEL MCADAMS’ KNIFE SKILLS IN ‘TRUE DETECTIVE’ ARE CRIMINALLY FORGOTTEN ABOUT)

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What makes this show so special is the fact it handles horrific situations, and yet at the same time, always continues to draw the viewer in more. Has there ever been a show that contains murder, rape, child abduction, incest, adultery and many more dark elements in such a captivating way? (RELATED: SEASON THREE ‘TRUE DETECTIVE’ RELEASE DATE REVEALED — IT’S REALLY FAR AWAY)

Watch some of the clips below if you don’t believe me. We’re dealing with some dark content when this show aired.

I haven’t seen a single show on TV that does such an amazing job at covering dark content in an entertaining way since the first season of “True Detective.” I mean, you just don’t want to stop watching. The episodes of season one can’t hit you fast enough.

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Now, we’ve got a third season on the horizon. Let’s hope it’s better than the second season, which was still better than most people recognize. If it’s a fraction as good as the first season, then I think all the fans will be impressed.

Can it repeat the success of the first season and cover dark elements? We’ll see, and I can’t wait to find out.

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