Super Bowl Champion Charged With Attempted Murder. He’s Facing Life Behind Bars

David Hookstead | Reporter

Former Seattle Seahawks star Brandon Browner’s problems got much worse Tuesday night when he was hit with an attempted murder charge.

The two-time Super Bowl Champion was recently taken into custody on charges of kidnapping, burglary, false imprisonment, grand theft auto and violation of restraining order after allegedly getting physical with his ex-girlfriend. The charges just got a lot more serious. (RELATED: FORMER NFL PLAYER ARRESTED ON HUGE LIST OF CHARGES)

TMZ reported the following late Tuesday night:

Browner has been hit with 1 count each of attempted murder, first-degree residential robbery, first-degree burglary, person present, and false imprisonment. He also faces two misdemeanor counts of cruelty to a child.

Officials say Browner broke into his former GF’s apartment in La Verne, CA on July 8 and allegedly chased the victim, dragged her and then smothered her in a carpet.

Bail has been set at $10 million. If convicted as charged, Browner faces a possible maximum life sentence in state prison.

Things just can’t seem to get any worse for Browner. These charges aren’t pretty at all. This isn’t like getting slapped with some minor charge for robbery or a bar fight. These are the type of charges that can put a man away forever. (RELATED: Super Bowl Champion Convicted Of Domestic Violence. Here’s What The Judge Gave Him)

To tell you how insane this situation is, Browner was asking people on Instagram a few days ago where he should celebrate his birthday. Now, he’s facing a potential life sentence on horrific charges.

I don’t know why the NFL seems to have such terrible problems with allegations of violence against women and other criminal activity. I’m not even sure there’s anybody who would know how to fix it. All I know for sure is that these apparent nonstop issues with players getting into legal issues is a public relations disaster for the league.

Check back to The Smoke Room for more updates on this developing situation on Browner.

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