Here’s The Footage Of George Clooney’s Brutal Traffic Accident [VIDEO]

Jena Greene | Reporter

George Clooney got into a brutal car wreck while vacation on the Italian island of Sardinia on Tuesday, and traffic surveillance cameras prove just how miraculous it is that he survived.

Clooney was reportedly traveling at 60 mph on a scooter when a Mercedes SUV cut him off. Clooney smashed his head on the windshield of the van and was thrown 20 feet in the air. Footage shows the actor landing “just inches” from an oncoming truck in the same intersection, TMZ points out. (RELATED: Somehow, Everyone Managed To Walk Away From This This Insane Car Crash [WATCH])

Although the video is grainy, it shows just how terrifying the accident must have been. (RELATED: Watch This Utah Trooper Get Sent Into The Next Century By A Runaway Car) 

Clooney was rushed to the hospital for both a CT scan and an MRI but miraculously only suffered a bruised arm, leg and pelvis. He’s already home convalescing and is expected to make a full recovery.

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