Former College Quarterback Says Coach Called Hitler A Great Leader

William Boyd | Contributor

Former Indiana quarterback Zander Diamont tweeted that one of his coaches called Adolf Hitler “a great leader.”

“I’ll never forget when one of my coaches at Indiana referenced ‘Hitler’ as a great leader,” Diamont tweeted. “Only a man keen on leading through fear could make such an ignorant claim. Especially ignorant when your quarterback is Jewish.”

No coach was specifically mentioned in the tweet. Kevin Wilson was the head coach at the time. Diamont and Wilson both left in 2016. Diamont left because of injury purposes, and Wilson and the university agreed to part ways after the treatment of players was criticized.

ESPN reported that he rushed a player back from a concussion, which caused the symptoms to become worse. Diamont backed his coach in a tweet later, saying that the situation was handled properly.

While Diamont was at Indiana, he played three seasons and threw for 828 yards, two touchdowns and five interceptions. He also rushed for 513 yards and eight touchdowns. Diamont has been fairly outspoken on Twitter, as he challenged ESPN analyst Dan Dakich to an MMA-style fight. Eventually, Diamont talked about how much he hated the TV commentator, to which Dakich responded, “Is there anyone alive over 18 that gives a rats who you like or what you think.”

The University of Indiana has not commented or released a statement regarding this tweet by Diamont.

William Boyd



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