Strip Club Charges Against Stormy Daniels Are Dropped. Is This A Win For The Smoke Room?

David Hookstead | Reporter

Ladies and gentlemen, freedom won out Thursday afternoon when the charges against Stormy Daniels for touching undercover cops at an Ohio strip club were dropped.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but I’m pretty sure The Smoke Room might have been the only national publication shaming our justice system for this absurdity. (RELATED: 


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Nobody other than me was as vigilant about getting Daniels out of the slammer. Again, I don’t care about your opinion of Trump, Daniels, strippers or anything else. You either defend freedom at every turn or you don’t. This isn’t a restaurant. You can’t just pick and choose what freedom is acceptable in your mind.

Having laws against strippers touching people is a joke. I’m not saying you have to like it, but not letting customers get what they came for is the same thing they do in oppressive dictatorships. In America, we fight for your right to drink beer, watch football, go to sporting events, go to strip clubs and live your life as you want.

Who else was willing to go to bat for Daniels and strippers everywhere this morning? Who else used their platform in the name of freedom today? Now, I’m not saying that I alone got Daniels sprung from the clink. I’m simply saying that I might have played a small part. I might have reminded everybody the price of freedom and I let the world take it away from there.

Am I a hero? I don’t know, but any win for freedom is a win for The Smoke Room.

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