Inductee Terrell Owens Won’t Be Specifically Honored During Football Hall Of Fame Ceremony

Jena Greene | Reporter

The NFL Hall Of Fame made a pretty surprising decision regarding the upcoming induction of Terrell Owens next month.

The former NFL wide receiver and six-time pro bowler announced he would be declining his invitation to the Canton, Ohio, induction ceremony this August 4. (RELATED: Terrell Owens Does The Most T.O. Thing Ever After Receiving Hall Of Fame Invite)

“After giving it much thought, I have realized just how much I want to celebrate what will inevitably be the best weekend of my life at a place that means so much to me,” Owens said in a statement, referring to an event he plans to host at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

So today, the Hall Of Fame decided they wouldn’t be celebrating with him either.

Joe Horrigan, the executive director of the professional football Hall told Talk of Fame Network’s Clark Judge, “The focus is on the guys who are here.”

Which pretty much just sounds like a nice way of saying that Terrell Owens won’t really be a part of the ceremony at all.

It appears as though the Hall Of Fame still plans to mention Terrell Owens’ name when they address the whole class but they’re not exactly going to go out of their way to honor him either. Safe to say, things are going to be quite interesting on August 4.

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