Watch A Chinook Helicopter Balance On Top Of A Mountain To Save A Climber [VIDEO]

Jena Greene | Reporter

An MH-47 Chinook helicopter completed a harrowing rescue mission on top of Mt. Hood this weekend.

The Chinook pilot, who is reportedly used to carrying out high-stakes missions in Afghanistan, managed to balance the helicopter 11,000 feet up to save the 27-year-old climber who reportedly scaled the mountain to commit suicide.

“The moment the ‘pinnacle landing’ at the peak of an 11,000-foot mountain took place was even captured on video,” the New York Post reported. “The special maneuver involved balancing the rear end of a CH-47 Chinook helicopter on the side of Oregon’s Mount Hood — about an hour’s drive from Portland. When the rescue mission began Thursday afternoon, the mountain was snowy and conditions were described as ‘treacherous.'”

You can check out the insane video below.

“This time of day, the mountain just starts to fall apart,” pilot Phil Cole, a member of the 304th Rescue Squadron, said. “Everything is melting, ice and rock are coming off the mountain. A good analogy is like a bowling alley.”

That explains why the helicopter basically had to teeter off the side of the mountain to execute the rescue mission. (RELATED: Trapped Thai Soccer Team Will Come Home To Some Surprises After Being Rescued)

Thankfully, every member of the rescue team, and the climber in distress, was brought back to safety.

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