The Fans Are Not Happy I Criticized Aaron Rodgers. Here Are The Best Reactions

David Hookstead | Reporter

Fans are pretty upset I had the audacity to say Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was showing off when throwing a football around.

For those of you who don’t know, I thought it was a little unnecessary for the media to be freaking out because Rodgers hit a guy jumping off a boat with a pass. Like I already said, I could throw that pass any day. (RELATED: AARON RODGERS IS BACK TO SHOWBOATING. WHY ARE WE CELEBRATING THIS GUY? [VIDEO])

The loyal readers left the following comments:

  • I have no love for either Aaron or the Packers. In fact, I’m a fan of another team, that is if the league’s crackdown on kneeling is what they claim. However, it’s a freakin commercial … get over it David.
  • Poor Hookstead — Someone is making money off their talent, and it isn’t you.
    What a shame YOU have none.
    Do they actually PAY you for the crap you write?
  • Obviously, this is how one gets to meet their hero: trash them, tell them how they suck and how you are better, hoping they will challenge you. How PATHETIC.
  • Rogers is a pro athlete, and Hookstead is an INCEL with an unrequited “man” crush — on Rogers. Rogers would destroy Hookstead — at anything. (I don’t even like Rogers.)
  • David Hookstead, you seem really upset over something so trivial. Dude, you need to get a life and BTW, Fawk the NFL and any dumbdik reporter that want’s to write about them.
  • He’s having fun. Why you so excited about that? You need an enema?

Damn, I didn’t realize the whole world had gone soft. Am I the only one on the planet who isn’t offended by everything? Am I the only one left with some thick skin? Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the name of the game. Get used to it, or get the hell out of the country. I guess now I’m just destined to lead the masses as I separate the strong from the weak. (RELATED: BRETT FAVRE’S RELATIONSHIP WITH AARON RODGERS HAS TAKEN A SURPRISING TURN)

Look, I understand that Aaron Rodgers is an outstanding quarterback. Nobody can deny the fact he can sling it. But that doesn’t mean we have to pretend he’s the greatest man to ever walk the earth. He hasn’t won a Super Bowl in several years, and yet, we’re all pretending he’s Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Bart Starr.

And for anybody who thinks I couldn’t have made that pass, feel free to show up and watch me do it. Just like Rodgers, I’ve also thrown dimes on national television. Showtime just decided to cut it. That’s not my fault. The tape exists. Maybe someday Showtime will release it, and I’ll be in the NFL. We’ll have to wait and see.

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