Watch Vegas Police Officer Gun Down Murder Suspect During Wild Chase [VIDEO]

David Hookstead | Reporter

Las Vegas police recently released body cam footage of a crazy gunfight between officers and two murder suspects.

Fidel Miranda was shot and killed by police July 11 during a chase that started after a man was killed. Miranda and Rene Nunez, who were taken into custody alive, sped away from police and fired 34 rounds at the officers in pursuit, according to Fox 5 Vegas. (RELATED: HERE’S SOME TERRIFYING FOOTAGE OF A MAN ALLEGEDLY TRYING TO TAKE OUT A MOB ASSOCIATE [VIDEO])

That turned out to be a fatal decision for Miranda because Officer William Umana responded by firing 31 rounds from his Glock handgun. The video of the pursuit and gunfight is one the craziest things you’ll ever see on the internet.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen something like this before. It’s straight out of an action movie.

Umana was a cold as ice as he opened up fire from the steering wheel. You have to have balls of steel to pull off shots like that in a car speeding through a crowded area. Now, he almost screwed up his reload as he exited the car, but still managed to get the magazine in to pump out a bunch more shots.

Pin a medal on his chest and give this man a cold beer. As for Nunez, he’s now facing multiple felony charges. I don’t think that man’s future is very bright. On the other hand, Umana is now a national hero. Job well done and outstanding shooting.

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