Couple Sets Off Fireworks For Gender Reveal. It Turns Into A Dangerous Disaster [VIDEO]

David Hookstead | Reporter

A video of a couple setting off fireworks for a gender reveal has been blowing up the internet.

Everything seems to be going fine as the unidentified couple sets off some fireworks in front of what appears to be friends and family. But the situation quickly stops looking like a gender reveal and starts looking like the shock-and-awe bombing of Baghdad circa-2003. (RELATED: GENDER REVEAL ENDS WITH WIFE GETTING DRILLED IN THE FACE WITH BASEBALL)

Fireworks start launching directly at the crowd, and people begin to run and dive for cover.

World War Gender Reveal @podfathersshow

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See, I’ve often argued that gender reveal ceremonies are completely unnecessary, and this one might be the greatest example yet. They were shooting off fireworks! That is never necessary.*

What happened to the good old days of just telling people what the situation is? You know what the advantage of taking that path is? You don’t launch explosives in all directions. Imagine how pissed the friends watching this must have been. They thought they were there to share in a happy moment, and next thing you know, they’re all diving for safety. It’s not exactly optimal.

Let’s stick to the simple stuff, and cut it with these gender reveals. I already hated them, and now we’re blowing stuff. It might be funny, but it’s also pretty unnecessary.

*There was once a very real plan for me to shoot down one of two colored balloons for a gender reveal. The plan was nixed at the 11th hour. That would have been super badass though. We can live with a gender reveal like that.

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