Celebrate Julianne Hough’s Birthday With Her Best Photos On Instagram [SLIDESHOW]

Jena Greene | Reporter

Today, July 20, is Julianne Hough’s birthday.

The actress, beauty brand ambassador, and professional dancer turns 30 years old today and has packed in a massive career during her time in the entertainment industry.

Hough has won “Dancing With The Stars” as a professional dancer twice. She’s also been nominated for two Emmys for her work on “Dancing With The Stars,” one of which she won for choreographing.

But Julianne is best known for her contagious personality and gorgeous shots on social media.

“I want people to feel joy, and peace, and serenity when when they talk to me or they look at my social media. You know, I think that we have a responsibility to put goodness out there into the world…Social media can be really terrible, but it can also be really amazing. And it’s our responsibility to do something great with it,” she told Parade earlier this month.

There’s no doubt her social media is on fire. Check out her best shots below.



Jena Greene



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