Kevin Smith Says He’s Feeling ‘Fantastic’ Following Heart Attack [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

Kevin Smith said he’s feeling “so fantastic” after suffering a heart attack earlier this year.

“Yeah, the cure for the middle-age blues is to have a heart attack, kids,” the 47-year-old actor and filmmaker joked Friday with Entertainment Weekly during his appearance at the 2018 Comic-Con event in San Diego. “Boy, it was amazing.”


“It did, it saved my life,” he added. “Honestly, after the heart attack, not much changed about me, professionally speaking. But personally, that was where you know, I was leaving the hospital. I was only there for less than 48 hours. They saved my life.”

The “Clerks” star explained that afterwards, his doctor asked him how he was feeling and when he shared he was “feeling great” the physician said “a lot of people leave [the hospital after a heart attack] and go ‘that was easy’ and don’t think about changing their lives.” But Smith said he did make changes to his lifestyle and go vegan.

“I used to drink two gallons of milk a day–might be why I had a heart attack,” Smith laughed. “You’d think I’d miss that. I was a big dairy lover, but I think I’ve had enough milk to last a lifetime.”

Later, he talked about how his plans to make a “Clerks” sequel has failed, but his upcoming series called “Hollyweed” comes close.

“I tried like mad to make another Clerks movie,” Smith replied. “Unfortunately, one of the people doesn’t want to return [and] I can’t do it without that cat. But ‘Hollyweed’ is literally ‘Clerks’ but in a weed store.”

However, a “Jay and Silent Bob reboot” is happening. “We’re making a movie,” the filmmaker shared.

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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