NFL Star Praises Trump, But The President Might Not Want This Endorsement [VIDEO]

David Hookstead | Reporter

NFL star Richie Incognito had some very kind words for President Donald Trump in regards to his meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Trump was widely criticized for the joint press conference he had with Putin, but the former Buffalo Bills player saw it a very different way.

“Of course not. That was a power position taken by Trump,” Incognito told TMZ late Friday night when asked if the president sold out America in his meeting with Putin. He also added that “we’re reinforcing the borders.” (RELATED: NFL STAR WHO WAS DETAINED FOR BIZARRE MELTDOWN IS EYEING AN NFL COMEBACK. WILL IT HAPPEN?)

Watch the video below.

It’s always fun to see pro athletes praise Trump, but I’m not sure our 45th president is going to love this endorsement. Incognito isn’t exactly a role model by any standard. He was taken into custody back in May for an apparent mental breakdown. (RELATED: NFL STAR HELD BY POLICE FOR PSYCH EVALUATION. THE DETAILS ARE DISTURBING)

Plus, how could anybody forget his bullying scandal during his time with the Miami Dolphins? I’m just not sure Trump is going to be rushing out to seek the praise of a guy with Incognito’s history.

Also, is it just me or does Incognito not really seem to have any idea what’s going on in the video above? He goes from talking about Trump’s “power position” with Putin to “reinforcing the borders.” The two topics are completely unrelated. It’s just bizarre to jump from one topic to another the way he did when speaking to TMZ.

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