Here’s How Much Money Tom Brady Has Sacrificed To Make The Patriots Better

David Hookstead | Reporter

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has reportedly given up around $60 million over his career to help the team get better.

Business Insider reported the follow:

Brady has made plenty of money in his NFL career — about $197 million — but what if he had not taken less or restructured contracts over the course of his career to help the Patriots out? Brady would be a richer man, and perhaps the highest-paid player in NFL history.

If Brady consistently signed deals equal to those of the biggest quarterback contracts, we found he could have made $257.9 million to this date. That is about $60 million more than his actual earnings, and approximately $9 million more than Peyton Manning made in his career, the most in NFL history (you can see how we reached this number below).

Sacrificing $60 million to help build a team is a hell of a move from a player. Way too many athletes focus only on themselves. They want to stack their bank account as much as they can. I’m not against it at all. Your window to get rich in pro sports is incredibly small. It can be over with a single ACL tear, which makes Brady’s decision to take smaller contracts so impressive.

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Getting $60 million is the type of money that changes lives forever. Now, his wife Gisele is worth around $350 million. It’s probably easier to take less money as you build a powerhouse when your wife is worth hundreds of millions, but you still have to respect what he’s done. How many athletes have done the same? How many NFL quarterbacks have given up on tens of millions of dollars to help build a dynasty? There aren’t many that come to mind. Russell Wilson almost certainly could have squeezed more money out of the Seahawks, but didn’t. Other than that, I can’t find another example of a superstar quarterback sacrificing his paycheck for the good of the organization. (RELATED: Tom Brady Signing A Bomb Might Be The Coolest Thing You See Today)

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I guess that’s why New England has been so damn good for so long and won five Super Bowls with Brady. They’re led by a man who cares more about winning than his paycheck. That’s an attitude you don’t see very often these days.

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