TV Star Pulls Gun During Road Rage Incident. The Video Is Crazy

David Hookstead | Reporter

“Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans pulled out a pistol during a road rage confrontation that aired on MTV Monday night.

The video is pretty much a great example of what not to do in a situation where firearms are involved. It’s not clear what started the whole thing, but the situation goes over the top when Evans yells out of her window that the man is a “dumbass” who allegedly hit her vehicle.

It’s unclear what the man does because he can’t be seen, but Evans then draws her weapon. According to TMZ, no arrests were made because the stories didn’t match up and there was a lack of witnesses. You can watch the video below. (RELATED: THE DANCING FBI AGENT WHO ALLEGEDLY SHOT SOMEBODY IS STRAPPED AGAIN. GOD BLESS AMERICA!)

Here’s some free advice for everybody: Generally speaking, you should never brandish a gun during a road rage incident. I understand she’s being filmed for a show, and maybe she wanted the drama. If that’s the case, she is incredibly stupid. Guns are used as a tool to defend your life. They’re not used to threaten people or draw at the first sign of trouble.

Why didn’t Evans pull over and wait for the police? Why did she go anywhere near the unidentified man? Her child is sitting in the front seat. For that reason alone, she should have tried to de-escalate the situation at all costs. Evans acted like an absolute bonehead here, and the video here proves that I’m correct.

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