DEBATE: Are Male Cheerleaders In The NFL A Good Idea? [VIDEO]

Jena Greene | Reporter

Is putting male cheerleaders on the sidelines during NFL games a bad idea?

Jena Greene says football is a male-dominated sport, and involving more men is a great idea. But David Hookstead has a different idea…

The Smoke Show is dedicated to delivering fresh and entertaining content to your browser every week. While Jena Greene and David Hookstead don’t agree on much, one thing’s for certain: our debates are spectacular. Sometimes, we even strike gold and get celebrities, athletes and plus-sized models involved in our debates, too. We’ve gotten into it with Eagles DE Chris Long, Westworld’s Evan Rachel Wood, and plenty more.

It doesn’t matter what we debate, we’re pretty much always guaranteed to win. And at least one of us will look good doing it.


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