Conor McGregor Has A Pair Of Unlikely Challengers [VIDEO]

David Hookstead | Reporter

Logan and Jake Paul believe they could take on UFC superstar Conor McGregor.

The social media stars were asked by TMZ about their fighting futures, and they’re apparently living on a planet full of delusional thoughts. (SLIDESHOW: These Are The Greatest Ronda Rousey Photos On The Internet)

Jake said he could “maybe” take McGregor after a year of training, but both agreed that 2-on-1, they could take the Irish-born champion.

Yeah, like I said above, apparently the Paul brothers are injecting straight delusion into their veins. Are they out of their minds? TMZ pointed out that Logan Paul was a pretty solid wrestler, but we’re comparing apples and oranges here. That’s like me saying that I was a pretty good hockey player so after a year of training I might be able to take on Wayne Gretzky in his prime. Give me a break.

McGregor would probably obliterate both of these dudes in under a minute. Here’s how it would happen. One brother would rush McGregor, he’d get his skull cracked and the other brother would beg for the octagon to get opened up the moment he realized the gravity of the situation.

Give me a break. I can’t believe these two clowns actually believe they could hang with the greatest fighter on the planet. It’d be over in a heartbeat.

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