Cowboys Owner Praises Star Quarterback For Refusal To Protest During National Anthem

David Hookstead | Reporter

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is very proud of his star quarterback Dak Prescott for his stance on national anthem protests.

“I’m so proud of him. Just proud of him  the way he leads the team for not letting it mess with their practices,” Jones answered when asked by TMZ Sports about recent blowback after Prescott said he would never protest during the national anthem. (RELATED: PHOTO CIRCULATING ONLINE SHOWS DALLAS COWBOYS STAR DEEP IN PRAYER)

I love how the Cowboys are supporting each other. Prescott was 100-percent correct when he said that he was not interested in protest during the national anthem no matter what team he was playing for. Look, the anthem is not the time or place to air personal grievances or to protest. It’s simply not. Too many men and women have made too many sacrifices for garbage like that.

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If you want to protest, then do it at a different time. People aren’t spending their money to watch millionaire athletes complain. Major props to Prescott and Jones for both being open about not disrespecting the anthem.

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