Here’s Why Men Are Terrible, According To This Very Normal Chart About Mansplaining

Jena Greene | Reporter

We hear a lot about the term ‘mansplaining,’ but its liberal use in modern conversation often shrouds the term in mystery and misconception.

Luckily, an astute observer of social mores named Kim Goodwin created a flowchart to define mansplaining and identify when it takes place.

Goodwin, who claims to be a consultant, wildlife photographer, and author of “Designing for the Digital Age,” made the chart for men who have a hard time understanding their mansplaining.

“I have had more than one male colleague sincerely ask whether a certain behavior is mansplaining. Since apparently this is hard to figure out, I made one of them a chart,” she captioned the chart with absolutely no condescension whatsoever.

This chart is laugh-out-loud funny. It turns out, by this definition, men are pretty much mansplaining everything they’ve ever said to a woman unless she explicitly prompted them in an academic-like setting.

It takes “speak when spoken to” to a whole new level. Call me crazy, but I think if we were to actually implement this practically in every conversation that’s ever taken place between a man and a woman, bars, schools, bus stops, and pretty much everywhere but the ladies’ room would be pretty quiet. And that’s not exactly my favorite place in the world.

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Jena Greene



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