NFL Legend Kurt Warner Has Some Surprising Comments About National Anthem Protests

David Hookstead | Reporter

NFL legend Kurt Warner said he would support teammates who protested during the national anthem in a recent video.

The former Arizona Cardinals and Rams quarterback made it clear he would personally never take a knee during the anthem because of his ties to the military but would have absolutely no problem with teammates who kneel.

“I would support my teammates that, if they believed something was the right stand to make — I have no problem with that,” Warner told TMZ when discussing the subject.

I’m simply going to have to disagree with Kurt here. The quarterback is the leader of the team, and players should always follow his example. Simply, I think it’s a bad idea for a quarterback to endorse protesting during the national anthem. (RELATED: KNEELING AND RAISED FISTS DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM MARK FIRST PRESEASON NFL GAMES)

The quarterback sets the tone, and I would want my quarterback to let it be known that protesting during the anthem will not be tolerated. If was a starting NFL quarterback, I would get the team together and let them all know I expect them to be standing.

If they don’t like it, then they can deal with me directly.

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