Netflix Reveals If There Will Be Another Season Of The Hit Show ‘Last Chance U’

David Hookstead | Reporter

Fans of the hit Netflix show “Last Chance U” will be very happy because there will be a fourth season.

Sports Illustrated recently reported the following:

Fans of Netflix’s Emmy-nominated hit series “Last Chance U” can officially rejoice.

The documentary, which offers an unfiltered look into the experience of playing junior college football, has been renewed for a fourth season. The series will return to Independence, Kan., to follow the Independence Community College Pirates for a second straight season.

In a statement, director and executive producer Greg Whiteley expressed his excitement for the series’ return to Indy to follow the Pirates and head coach Jason Brown.

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I haven’t finished the third season yet, but I do think Netflix made a smart choice by switching from East Mississippi Community College after the first two seasons to Independence Community College. EMCC had run its course, and I think fans of the show wanted a change of scenario.

That’s exactly what we got in the third season at ICC. Head coach Jason Brown is a one man entertainment machine, even if I would go the lengths of calling him an elite coach.

Honestly, this show could go on forever, and people will keep tuning in because they’re so desperate for football throughout the summer. There aren’t exactly a ton of options to get our fix, and “Last Chance U” is one of the few. (RELATED: THE NEW SEASON OF ‘LAST CHANCE U’ LOOKS LIT. CHECK OUT THE TRAILER [VIDEO])

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I can’t wait to finish the third season, and see what we get in the fourth. As long as football is involved, you can bet the house that I’ll keep tuning in.

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