One Of The Most Powerful Men In All Of Sports Praises Trump. Here’s What He Said

David Hookstead | Reporter

UFC President Dana White had nothing but positive things to say about President Donald Trump during a recent interview.

“I’m never going to say anything bad about Donald Trump — ever. Ever, ever, ever. That guy gave us our start when nobody would talk to us. No arenas wanted us. This guy reached out, and he’s always been a friend to me,” White told Harvey Levin on the Sunday night episode of “OBJECTified” on Fox News. (RELATED: UFC PRESIDENT DANA WHITE ENDORSES DONALD TRUMP [VIDEO])

It’s not a surprise that White continued to praise President Trump. After all, he did speak at the RNC back in 2016.

I love the fact that White and Trump are boys. It’s literally a match made in Heaven. The UFC president is one of the biggest hype men on the planet. Know who else is? Donald Trump. Trump is pretty much president right now because he hyped himself unlike anybody we’ve ever seen.

It’s also worth noting that the feeling between our 45th president and White is pretty mutual. Trump has referred to White as a “real winner!”

Now, we just need to get these two at an event together. That’ll be entertainment gold.

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