Country Music Star Arrested After Bizarre Drunken Episode On An Airplane. Here Are The Details

Jena Greene | Reporter

Country music singer Gretchen Wilson was arrested on Tuesday night after she had a bizarre drunken incident on an airplane.

The “Redneck Woman” performer allegedly disturbed a flight to Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Connecticut, and was taken into custody when the plane landed around 7:20 p.m. EST. (RELATED: Reality Star And Porn Actress Arrested. The Details Will Twist Your Stomach)

It’s unclear why Gretchen Wilson was causing a scene or what she was upset about.

“She was met on the tarmac by state troopers, who say she became ‘belligerent’ when being questioned,” The Daily Mail reports. “Wilson was charged with breach of the peace and was booked into county jail on a bond of $1,000.”

One thing is for sure, though. Her mugshot is legendary:

I’ve got to hand it to Gretchen Wilson. I thought she’d faded into the background and tucked away into a very happy private life, presumably in a mansion outside of Nashville or LA. But this paints quite a different picture.

Apparently, the Grammy-winning star has been performing gigs at zucchini and soybean festivals across the country. She’s not above that stuff. She’s a woman of the people, serenading their crops and keeping state troopers on their toes. That’s the real American spirit and I’d be willing to bet that country music renegades like Willy Nelson and Hank Williams Jr. would be proud.

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Jena Greene



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