Hurricane Hitting Hawaii Shuts Down Two Of The Biggest Shows On Television

Jena Greene | Reporter

Hurricane Lane is barreling down on the Hawaiian coast as a Category 4 — and businesses across the islands are battening down the hatches.

And CBS isn’t taking any chances. It’s shutting down production on both “Magnum P.I.” and “Hawaii Five-O” while studios prepare for the incoming storm. (RELATED: Take A Minute Out Of Your Day To Watch The Craziest Videos Of A Hawaiian Volcano Erupting)

“Magnum P.I.” has already wrapped filming to prepare for the storm and “Hawaii Five-O” finishes Thursday morning. Neither shows will film on Friday as the storm is expected to make landfall.

Hurricane Lane is considered the biggest natural threat to Hawaii in decades. The behemoth storm is the first to hit the Hawaiian islands in 26 years. (RELATED: Get A Load Of These Legendary Hawaiian Golfers Playing Through An Apocalyptic Volcano Eruption)

Residents have been told to prepare to take shelter for up to 14 days — and store food supplies for potentially longer than that as power outages and communication issues may be imminent.

As of Thursday morning, Hurricane Lane had sustained winds upward of 130 mph. Landslides on the Big Island had already been reported and 7-12 inches of rain were already reported. Hawaii is expecting an additional 10-30 inches of rain as the brunt of the hurricane arrives Thursday night.

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