NFL Rookie QB Drops Sickening Amount Of Money On Jewelry. What Is He Thinking?

David Hookstead | Reporter

Baltimore Ravens rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson recently dropped a ton of money on a chain.

According to TMZ, the Heisman winner’s golden chain cost $100,000 and is modeled after his legendary run. You can see a video of the chain and the run against Syracuse below.

I hate to rain on Lamar Jackson’s parade here, but spending this kind of money on a chain is absurdly stupid. It’s the type of move that’s going to be featured in a documentary someday if he ever loses all his NFL money.

The former Louisville Cardinals star will earn a little more than $5 million this year, and will only earn about $3 million over the next three seasons. That’s all before taxes. A rough estimate would have you believe that he pocketed less than $2.5 million this year after taxes, agent fees and union dues. Dropping $100,000 on a piece of jewelry when you’re not making a ton of money by NFL standards is really dumb.


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You hate to read about athletes going broke, but it’s hard to feel sorry for them if they’re going to blow their money on dumb things like this. I really hope somebody is able to teach Lamar Jackson a little bit about finances before he ends up making even dumber purchases.

His run is on YouTube. He could watch it whenever he wanted to, and he could do it for free. There’s literally no reason to spend money on something as pointless as this chain.

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