We Have An Update On Aaron Rodgers’ Injury. Should Packers Fans Be Worried?

Jena Greene | Reporter

Aaron Rodgers is still reeling from an injury he sustained during the second quarter of his Week 1 game against the Chicago Bears.

Earlier this week, Rodgers told reporters he was unsure about his condition and couldn’t promise fans he’d be healthy enough for Week 2 against the Vikings. (RELATED: PACKERS FANS WILL HAVE TO HOLD THEIR BREATH UNTIL THE NEXT UPDATE ON AARON RODGERS’ HEALTH)

“It was painful,” he said of his knee injury via Packers.com on Monday. “I’ll give you a better answer on Wednesday, but as long as there [are] no major issues I’ll keep playing.”

And on Wednesday, Rodgers told reporters he had a “sprained knee” and was still sore from Sunday.

ESPN’s Rob Demovksy reported the following:

Aaron Rodgers called his injury a “sprained knee.” He said he didn’t take any pain medications on Sunday night because he doesn’t like them. “There was a lot of adrenaline,” he said, “and (it’s) pretty sore the last three days.” He said he feels “a little better every day.” He said he did not practice at all today and stayed at the stadium for treatment.

The Green Bay Packers are up against a formidable foe Sunday. Although they’ll have the advantage at Lambeau Field, a nearly airtight Vikings defense poses a serious threat for Rodgers — who’s already injury prone. It’d be a real shame to see the Packers throw away $180 million only to see a season-ending injury for Rodgers in Week 2.

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