Remember Olympic Hero Usain Bolt? He’s Now Running In Zero Gravity

Jena Greene | Reporter

Usain Bolt gave astronauts a run for their money in outer space this week.

The eight-time Olympic gold medalist took a zero-gravity trip above France in an Airbus A310 plane, provided by a champagne company on Thursday. He did the typical things you might do in space, like floating around and participating in high-stakes foot races. (RELATED: YOU’RE AN IDIOT IF YOU THINK SERENA WILLIAMS IS THE GREATEST ATHLETE EVER. HERE’S THE REASON WHY)

You can check out who won below, but it shouldn’t be too hard to guess:


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Zero Gravity is a out of this world experience @ghmumm #DareWinCelebrate #NextVictory

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I’ve always liked Usain Bolt. He seems like a nice dude and is obviously one of the most talented athletes alive. But now thanks to him, I really, really want to hop on a zero-gravity Airbus A310 plane above France and try this out for myself.

I’d also like to make millions and be an Olympic athlete, come to think of it.

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