Elderly Lady Breaks Out Dance Moves With NFL Player In Must-Watch Video

David Hookstead | Reporter

Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Dre Kirkpatrick hit up a nursing home before his game against the Ravens Thursday night, and it was awesome.

An elderly woman cut a rug with Kirkpatrick to Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s “Next Episode.”

We still have a few more months until 2019, but that’s a strong contender for video of the year. Look at that woman’s smile. She is so jacked, and we all know that she has absolutely no idea who Dr. Dre or Snoop Dogg are. Yet, she couldn’t care less as she takes the internet by storm. (RELATED: Matthew Stafford’s 2017 Highlights Are Pretty Much Straight-Up Football Porn)

Who would have guessed that Kirkpatrick would visit a nursing home and provide us with such amazing content? The Bengals won handily, which means the Bengals have to find this woman for a dance before every game, right? You just can’t risk throwing off a good thing.

Cincinnati is 2-0, and I don’t think I’m too bold for saying it’s because of this wonderful lady. She took the internet by storm and stole our hearts as she danced to one of the greatest songs ever made. She’s officially an internet legend.

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