Watch The Moment A Weatherman Had To Evacuate On Live TV

Jena Greene | Reporter

A meteorologist based in North Carolina was forced to evacuate during live television coverage of Hurricane Florence on Thursday night.

Donnie Cox, chief meteorologist for local North Carolina station WCTI was in the middle of a forecast when his building started to flood. The building is located in New Bern, North Carolina, is just north of Wilmington, North Carolina — the area that Florence is currently ravaging with 80 mph winds and rapid flooding. (RELATED: Here’s How Much J.J. Watt Raised For Hurricane Relief. It’s A Monster Amount)

While most of WCTI’s staff evacuated early on Thursday, Donnie Cox and fellow weatherman Shane Hinton stayed behind to continue giving the forecast late into the night.

“We have the situation here that has developed at the station, and that is of the water getting [so] close to the building that the building has been evacuated,” Cox says on air. “Just so you know that we are staying here to keep you up to date.”

Cox explains his affiliate station in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina would be taking over the broadcast just before he abruptly leaves the frame, leaving behind only a creepy loop of Hurricane Florence on the doppler behind him.

You can watch the chilling progression as the storm makes landfall below:

Luckily, everybody got out safely. The station issued an update around midnight to let everybody know they’d found higher ground.

Still, talk about a close call. You never want to be inside a building — filled with expensive equipment — when it starts to flood. That’s just not ideal.

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