Matthew McConaughey Looked Like A Legend At Texas’ Game Against USC [VIDEO]

David Hookstead | Reporter

Matthew McConaughey proved, once again, that he’s the baddest man in Hollywood over the weekend.

The legendary actor was in the house when Texas took on USC, and he looked like he was having the absolute time of his life. He was getting the team hyped and strolling around the field like he owned the place.

This is why McConaughey is so cool. Most people in Hollywood are pretty much completely sealed off from reality. Not the “True Detective” actor. He’s out there in his Texas shirt, casual pants and sneakers like it’s no big deal. He’s just a man enjoying the ball game. It doesn’t get much more working class than that. (RELATED: MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY’S LOVE FOR TEXAS LONGHORNS FOOTBALL IS WHAT AMERICA IS ALL ABOUT [VIDEO])

Imagine being a college football player, and a guy as legendary as McConaughey is just strolling the sidelines. It’d damn near be cooler than the actual game. The moment I saw the video of him walking around, I know the Longhorns were going to roll the Trojans. There was no doubt.

The man loves Texas football, and that’s what America is all about. Shoutout to McConaughey for proving that some people in Hollywood still just want to toss a few back and watch football.

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