Kanye West Finds Extremely Unlikely Ally In His Fight Against The 13th Amendment

Jena Greene | Reporter

Kanye West may have upset a solid portion of his Twitter followers, but he found an unlikely supporter in child actor Frankie Muniz.

The “Big Fat Liar” actor was spotted by TMZ reporters with a female friend this weekend and asked for his thoughts on Kanye’s recent Twitter rant, where he suggested abolishing or amending the 13th Amendment (which abolished slavery but still allows labor for those punished for a crime) on Sunday.

Muniz told reporters he supports Kanye for speaking his mind.

“One thing I can say that I think is a positive about him — I like the fact that he’s speaking out for what he believes,” Muniz said, adding, “Props to him.”

You can watch the full clip below:

Kanye is set to appear on TMZ Live on Monday evening to really explain his thoughts on the 13th Amendment.

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Jena Greene



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