EXCLUSIVE: Phil Robertson Warns About The Consequences Of A Godless Society In New Documentary

Alex Pfeiffer | White House Correspondent

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame spoke to The Daily Caller Friday about his upcoming documentary titled “Torchbearer,” which examines what happens to societies without God, and how he thinks there is still hope for western civilization.

In the documentary, Robertson travels the world and tells the story of different historical societies.

“When you remove God, and allow humans to determine right, wrong, good, evil, and what one’s life is worth; you leave that up to human beings, and you have the Romans, the Greeks, you have Adolf Hitler, Hirohito, Josef Stalin, and this latest crop that’s come our way, the Islamists,” Robertson told TheDC.

By definition, Islamists believe in a God, Robertson said, though he told TheDC that he views Christianity as a superior religion.

“I’ve read all the religions of the world, and I have none, except the Bible, that offers those two things: removal of sin, and resurrection from the dead. So, we’re talking about life here on Earth, and immortality in the end, and I haven’t come up with a story yet that will beat it,” Robertson said. He added, “because you, myself, all other humans, our destiny is with a six foot hole. The Bible says, there’s life beyond it. So until someone comes along with a better story, I’m going with that because it of offers me hope, my man.”


Robertson screened “Torchbearer” at the Cannes Film Festival, and he said it got a great reception.

“This documentary is really being well received in Europe, because you have to remember, they lived under communism and Nazism,” Robertson said.

The Duck Dynasty star sees the United States as in the process of ridding itself of Christianity.

“In America, we’ve certainly run God out of the entertainment business for the most part, I know we’ve run him out of the institutions of higher learning, no doubt about that. A fifth grader can’t offer a prayer before she eats a meal,” Robertson said. “So basically we’ve got God run out of including our government, by the way. So we’ve legislated the murder of our children, we’ve made it legal. We legislated perversion, we made that legal.”

He added: “I’m looking at our culture, and the disintegration of our families, and the crimes that are committed, and the carnage that we inflict on each other. Some of these inner cities where thousands are being shot and all that, and it makes one wonder, if we wouldn’t be better off, by loving God, and loving each other. That’s the premise of the documentary: what happens when you remove God as your anchor, and you allow men to determine what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is evil, and what your life is worth. Allow men to do that, and it never turns out well, throughout history.”

Conservative author Pat Buchanan agrees largely with this sentiment and feels that the West is doomed.

Robertson told TheDC, “I don’t agree with old Buchanan, I love him, but I don’t agree with him on that. I say there is hope, and basically, what we’re doing is giving hope, so with God, all things are possible. So I’m saying let’s give America time, and maybe she’ll repent, and turn back to God. I hope she does.”

“I think the human race is worth the effort, my man,” he said.

The documentary will be release in select theaters on October 7.

Alex Pfeiffer

White House Correspondent


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