Every Time Kim Kardashian Has Tweeted In Favor Of Gun Control

Kaitlan Collins | White House Correspondent

Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint, bound and gagged by masked men who were impersonating police officers while at her hotel in Paris early Monday morning.

(Photo: Splash News)

(Photo: Splash News)

When she arrived back in New York City just hours later, the 35-year-old reality star was flanked by 15 to 20 bodyguards — all presumably armed. (RELATED: Kim Kardashian Just Arrived Back In New York City With A Ton Of Security)

(Photo: Splash News)

(Photo: Splash News)

In the past, Kardashian — a big believer in background checks — has been very vocal about her pro-gun control stance.

Here’s every time she tweeted about changing gun laws in America.

Kaitlan Collins

White House Correspondent


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